About Us

Corporate Overview

Cycladic International is a life settlement acquisition firm. The company acquires life settlement policies for its own portfolio and resells some of them to institutional investors. With over 20 years of experience in this asset class, its management has worked in every sector of the industry.

Managing Member
Thomas N. Andrew

Mr. Andrew’s experience in asset procurement began as the director, then subsequently as a principal of a privately held mergers and acquisitions firm. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing each of the firm’s strategic plans, which included feasibility analysis, resource allocation and the design of vertical integrated mergers and acquisitions models.

Mr. Andrew later leveraged his knowledge of macroeconomic trends into the equities and derivatives markets, when he directed the trading of equities and derivatives with a private equity firm in the United States, prior to establishing his own private equity and derivatives trading firm.

In his function as a Director of a European based Life Settlement Consulting company, Mr. Andrew was chiefly responsible for asset procurement in the form of U.S. issued, secondary market life insurance policies, known as life settlements. Mr. Andrew collaborated directly with clients in the construction and fulfillment of customized portfolios.

The depth and breadth of Mr. Andrew’s market knowledge and his ability to apply them to the acquisition of assets in the U.S. secondary life insurance market helped create the most innovative and efficient acquisition system in the industry. From the creation of the world’s first “Life Settlement Index,” which employs principals such as price elasticity and aggregate supply and demand curves to calculate the company’s propriety “Dynamic Asset Acquisition Model,” Mr. Andrew has helped propel the company’s asset acquisition department to the leading edge of the life settlement industry. Mr. Andrew continues to integrate innovative methodologies into the acquisitions process in an effort to ultimately exceed the transactional efficiencies enjoyed by other institutional marketplaces.